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Once again - as usual, it seems - it has been too long since I last posted here, but why I had a moment, I wanted to give a brief update:

If you are trying to email me at my old email address - - please don't!

Please direct all your questions, comments, or info you may have for me at

I love getting email, and answering questions, or reading how I may have inspired or made a difference in your lifting lives.  I will no longer be able to receive email at my old address, so make sure you send all of your stuff to my new one.

Keep the email coming!


  1. looking forward to your articles on older athletes. maybe divide in the mid 30's, mid 40's, and then 50 and beyound. no idea if any research coorelates to these age brackets. I hope you are free of whatever health plague that you underwent. perhaps your experience can help us aviod the same thing or help us deal with such a problem and give us spiritual strength, understanding, and thus growth


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