Two New Articles

First, in the February '11 issue of Planet Muscle, I have an article entitled "400 Pound Bench and 50" Chest." What makes this one unique is that it's actually a re-print of one that I already had in PM about a year ago. However, they said that it was "hands down, their most popular article of the last two years." Their words, not mine. Pretty cool.

And, in the February '11 issue of Iron Man, I have an article entitled "X-Factor Arm Workouts." I don't usually write "body part training" articles, so if I did, then you know it's going to be different.


  1. Cool man!! I will check it out! BTW, no doubt about your articles being the best! I always loved your Ironman article where you talked about the truth about over-training - I didn't know nothing about lifting back then


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