Thursday, August 20, 2009

Emptiness Alive with Fullness

     The famous Mahayana saying goes like this: "emptiness is form, form is emptiness."  And, of course, emptiness is nothing other than form, form is nothing other than emptiness.
     Here's the problem: sayings like this have become so commonplace—even more so with the advent of the internet, and even more so with Twitter and whatnot—that they no longer have much meaning to those who hear them, or read them, all the time.
     They are just words, of course.  Words that point to the real thing.  But they are not the real thing.

     For spirituality to be true, for it to be capable of transforming your life (your interior life as well as your exterior one), then you must make it your own.  You must experience the truth of the words that are spoken, and then live those words with your entire being.
     Inner creativity must explode into outward creativity—the creativity of living.
     But here's an important point: Although you must make this lived spirituality your own, it must be a spirituality that is a Truth.  Not a belief—a belief in and of itself is quite capable of being worthless—but a truth.  (There's a difference.)
     And you must experience this truth—otherwise it's not true—and then put words into what this truth means to you.
     The Mahayanist knows that emptiness is form and form is emptiness, not because he has read the words, but because he has experienced the living truth of it.  And then has applied it to his life.

     So, here's my truth:
     Emptiness is not fullness.  Fullness is not emptiness.  (I simply don't understand that to be true because it goes against—and goes against it only ever so slightly—my experience.)
     No, the truth is that the All is emptiness—shunyata—but it's an emptiness alive with fullness.  It's an emptiness alive with a Divine creativity.
     I understand emptiness.  And I understand the Divine Creativity that pulses in and out of it, weaves its spell through the whole of that utter no-thingness that I call life and Reality.
     I understand it because I have experienced it, so I have made it a Truth.

     What is your Truth?  Are you just playing at being spiritual?  Are you turning True Spirituality into nothing more than spiritual materialism or Boomeritis spirituality?
     Discover your won Emptiness that is alive with Divine Fullness and pulsating Creativity.
     Make this emptiness your own and leave behind the narcissism that threatens to destroy the very heart of Truth.

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