Friday, March 13, 2009

Welcome to my new blog

Welcome to my new blog.  I've changed from my older one ( because of the ease with which I can update this one, and because I would like to get some more traffic moving to it.
One thing that you might notice which is different is that this blog will focus on strength training, bodybuilding, health and fitness, and martial arts.  My last blog - and my other website in general - also included plenty of spiritual stuff (integral spirituality, non-dual mysticism, contemplative Christianity).  However, I found that many folks who read my blog for the strength stuff really didn't have much interest in the spiritual side of my life.  And vice-versa.  (With a few exceptions, of course.)
So... here's where you'll find all things strength, muscle, power, martial arts, and health in general.  I am going to start another blog - with the tentative title of "Renegade Mystic" - which will focus on all things spiritual.

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