Thursday, March 26, 2009

Renaming the Blog (a.k.a. Integral Spirituality/Strength Training)

     Okay, for those of you who care, you'll notice that I have renamed this blog and changed the sub-heading.  The reasons are a few-fold.  (Is "few-fold" even a word?)
     First, when I changed to this new blog, I thought I would focus on just strength training, but that is proving hard to do.  Like, really hard to do.  My spirituality—which is integral to all things that I do—infuses Itself and weaves Itself around and into all aspects of my strength training.
     You see, my spirituality is something that bursts forth from the Kosmic no-thingness (which is also an All-Thingness) at the depths of my being; and it bursts forth, outward, upward and all around-ward until it becomes an all embracing, life enhancing Fullness.  And this fullness creates a spontaneity that is part of my writing, my living and breathing, and most certainly the weight training and martial arts sessions that I perform.
     My strength training and bodybuilding would not be what it is without my spirituality.  (A spirituality that I term True Spirituality; I'll leave it up to you to figure out just what that means in later posts.)  My nutrition and holistic/contemplative lifestyle would not be what it is without my spirituality.
     Now, many of you who read this blog just want to know how to get bigger and stronger, or in better shape—you don't really care anything about this I Am spirituality that I am going on about.  Well, don't worry, there will still be plenty here for you, as well.  In fact, you may find that my philosophy—and that's what it is: a philosophy and a Spirituality; not a religion—enhances your strength training in ways that you never thought about until you applied some of these philosophical Ways to your training.

     Another reason I am changing the name and the contextual outlay of the blog is because I want to focus on some of the more holistic aspects of health and fitness that I was going to neglect if I hadn't made this change.  Yep, that's right, you don't train to just look better or to get stronger.  You train to be more whole, to be more complete— to have a true metanoia if I am to put it in spiritual terms, and in terms of Spirit.

     Keep up with the blog.  Things are about to get interesting.

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