Friday, December 4, 2009

Training Journal: Return of the Powerlifter

     After a couple of years of "light" training—including a lot of bodyweight-only training this past year—I have returned to some heavy powerlifting training.  I absolutely love training heavy (as much as I've avoided it as of late) and so I'm glad to be back doing it (as long as my body holds up).
     Anyway, I thought I would begin to share a lot of my training with you as I continue to do it.  Also, I'm training a handful of lifters who would like to (either) enter competition or get back into competing again.  And so I'll also include some of their training, as well.
     I've been training hard again now for a couple of weeks, and after two weeks of training I'm already using over 400 in the squat and over 400 in the deadlift for reps (not bad, considering that I haven't trained either of those lifts in about a year).
     So... continue reading all of my posts entitled "Training Journal" if you want to see how my training goes—and if you want to learn a little something about hard, heavy full-body workouts.  (By the way, I'll also post some video clips of my training in the future—I used to do that occasionally on my old blog.)

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