Change is Coming!

If you read this blog regularly, then you know that I haven't posted anything in quite some time.

There are a few reasons for this.  I've been extremely busy with work, training, and writing some totally non-strength related material.  The lack of material here, however, is about to change.

First, you'll notice that the blog has a new "look"—assuming enough readers like the new look, we'll keep it as is.

I'm also proud to say that I've hooked up with a couple of people who are very important to me—my dear friend Jared Smith and my oldest son Matthew Sloan—who are going to do some regularly contributing to the blog.  Hopefully it will be enough so that, between the three of us, we can have two to three posts each week.

Jared Smith

Jared is a former workout partner of mine, and a man who I'm proud to have called my friend for the past decade or so.  He's also one incredibly massive S.O.B.  But don't take my word for it.  Here's a pic:

Jared is currently embarking on the daunting task of completing Nick Horton's "Squat Nemesis Program."  He's planning to journal his results here, in addition to writing other material.

Jared's main emphasis—heck, his only emphasis—is on getting as massively big as possible.  His training is pure hypertrophy bodybuilding taken to the nth degree.  His writing, hence, will focus on massive muscle-building.

He's gonna be cool because his methods are different from mine, although they overlap somewhat—we both favor high-frequency training, for instance.  He, however, is much more "into" intensity techniques that really "thrash" the muscle groups.  His writings will reflect this.

Matthew Sloan

Matthew is, quite obviously, my son.

At 16, his main concern is getting as "ripped" and "shredded" as possible, while maintaining muscle mass, and all while doing this in a healthy manner.  (He doesn't take any "stimulants", for instance—I wouldn't want him to.)

Also—and this is an important note—he's not one of those kids who can just eat whatever-the-hell they want and get in great shape.  He's had to really work for it.

His writing will focus on the nutritional aspects for getting in awesome shape, while including some high-volume and bodyweight training articles.


  1. Looking forward to the new content.

    I guess Brooks Kubik would have a problem with all the chrome in the background ... .

  2. Ha! Yes, I imagine he would. If I would have used the weights I actually train with, however, the page wouldn't be so shiny!

  3. Glad you back...Love your training articles

  4. Glad to see you back Sloan-- Hope all is well!


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