Monday, March 28, 2011

Around the Web

Here are some collections of articles that I discovered on the web recently, thought I'd share them with you. Some are new; some aren't. But they're new to me, so they might be new to some of y'all, as well.

If you haven't been to it, a great site is It's an Olympic lifting site run by strength coach Nick Horton. I don't know the guy—never heard of him until I came across the site—but he has some great stuff for all lifters, not just Olympic lifters. (Oh, and he has a touch of Zen here and there, as well, which might also interest some of you.)

Here's a really good post from his site: It has his thoughts on lifting and coaching, including a good bit on Bulgarian style training. For those of you who are fans of high-volume training (or would like to give it a shot), Nick has some insights that can help you.

For those of you who powerlift, here's an article on the great Latvian lifter Konstantin Konstantinovs:

The article contains some footage of his lifts, and then a discussion (albeit brief) at the end about his form. I always deadlifted with a similar form, and found that it greatly aided in my pull. Beware, however, you do need a really strong lower back.

Over at Mike Mahler's website:, Mike has re-printed my article "The Mass-Building, Split-Training Ultimate."

It's an article that's pretty damn good, if I do say so myself. Seriously, though, Mike Mahler seems like that rare combination of great strength coach and all around good guy. Even if you don't read my article, visit his website and check out a lot of the other great stuff he has to offer.

Finally—for all lifters—here's a terrific article from the always-good Dan John entitled "Can it Really be That Simple?" :

Good stuff.

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