Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Guest Post: "Commercial Manipulation and the REAL Key to Massive Arms"

My friend—and fellow iron-pumper—Jared Smith (a big, hulking power-bodybuilder) sent me the following training "mini-article". Jared has some good advice in this piece. And most of you who read this blog for training advice might actually follow it. (Unlike a lot of the so-called bodybuilders who read most of the newsstand mags.)

So... here it is:

Commercial Manipulation and the REAL Key to Massive Arms
Jared Smith
I can't tell you how man times I've picked up a magazine that only glorifies abs and biceps and tells you that the key to bigger arms is simply to curl until your brain goes numb. Before I even get into the meat and potatoes of the program I'll outline, don't get the idea that I am anti-curl, but the curl aint gonna put size on those arms.

What puts size on your arms are the same things that put size on the rest of you: COMPOUND MOVEMENTS. Benches, dips, deadlifts,chins, squats. Now before the vast majority of everyone who reads this get confused, allow me to explain why these are the keys to massive arms and massive everything else.

What muscles are involved in the bench? Sure, your chest is the primary mover but your triceps take a huge amount of the workload no matter how great the mind/muscle connection or the amount of concentration you put into it. Keep in mind that the triceps make up 2/3 of your upper arms thus without them you'll never have a massive set of arms. This brings me to the next exercise, Dips. Not only will dips torch your lower pec line but this is the ultimate compound exercise that will overload the hell out of your triceps, and eventually transform them into something that resembles the hooves of a bull.

Now on to the biceps...the most over-talked-about muscle in the bodybuilding world. First and foremost are deadlifts. This is the mother of all exercises in my opinion. I'm sure you're thinking, "Jared, bro, how am I supposed to grow my arms doin deads?". To that I say this: How much weight can you possibly handle doing any form of curl? I'm sure that number won't reach much over a hundred pounds. Keep in mind that the deadlift is a movement that engages your forearms,biceps,brachialis...every muscle that's required to make your arms swell to grotesque proportions. How much weight and compound force can you put into deadlifts? Uuh Huh...I see the light bulb over your head already. Yes, hundreds upon hundreds of pounds. Up next are chins, the most affective exercise for biceps... period. Make sure to squeeze hard at the top. Now I'm sure alot of people are thinking "Dude, I can only do X amount of chins". Who cares? Do the number of sets outlined in the program for as many as you can and after a few months you'll be repping them out.

Now on to the exercise that'll put hair on your balls. Squats. Ok, I know you're scratching your heads now at why I'd even mention squats. How do you think you'll move monster weight on any other movement if you don't have a strong foundation?Nothing will add to the stability of your torso and lower back like having a strong set of quads and hamstrings. Nothing will make you feel a surge of power like having a ton of weight sitting on your back and cranking out reps. It'll make you tired but yet make you want to pound your chest like a silverback gorilla, and let everyone know that you're as powerful as they come.

Now it's time to get to work.........
Day 1
Squats 5x8-10
Dips(weight added if needed) 5x 8-10
Palms-In Chins(weight added if needed) 5x as many as you can
Decline Situps 3x 10-12

Day 2

Day 3
Squats 3x10-12
Bench Presses 5x8-10
Deadlifts 5x8-10
Leg Raises 3x10-12

Day 4 and 5 rest and begin the cycle again on day six.

Note: Train calves on any day you choose. Pick one exercise and do 3 sets of 10-12 reps.

Pyramid up in weight on each set, but keep your form tight. Slow on the negative stroke and controlled, not explosive, on the positive. This will insure that you'll stimulate the maximum number of muscle fibers in addition to keeping you injury free. Give this program an honest try and I guarantee that in a few months you'll not only be stronger, but you'll have a much larger set of arms. Don't buy into all the complete crap that is printed in much of the publications you'll find on the shelf at your local supermarket. After all, they want to sell magazines, not help you grow. Once you've added quite a bit of strength with a program like this—which consists of the basics—you'll have enough mass to begin a program that does have some isolation movements involved.

Stay tuned, my next installment will contain a more advanced routine. Listen to your body, stick to the basics and avoid the commercial manipulation.

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