Monday, July 22, 2013

Around the Web

A couple years ago, I had a few "around the web" posts where I re-posted or linked to articles that I thought readers of my stuff would find interesting.

From now on, I'm going to routinely do this again (I'm thinking that about once every 2 weeks would be good to shoot for), as long as I can find enough articles that I think browsers of this article would enjoy.

I've come across several good articles, so here they are in no uncertain order:

The first one is from Dan John, entitled Even Easier Strength.  And you thought his 40-Day Program was simple?  This breaks it down for those of you who may have a hard time doing stuff like simple comprehension.

Over at T-Nation, despite the fact that they now publish a whole bunch of crap, there are still the occasional good articles, such as this one from Mark Rippetoe.  It's always nice when Rippetoe "goes off."  Oh, and just to make you realize how much you want to read this piece, here's a good quote from the article: "What the hell is wrong with everybody? Has the internet, by enabling everyone to have a voice, rendered everyone with an ear suddenly stupid?"

And, finally, here's one called the Tao of Snatch from a few months ago over at the "Iron Samurai" site.  It's got three of my favorite things all combined together: the Tao, weightlifting, and Bruce Lee.

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